Here is a sampling of our projects.

Dao De Jing: The United Version

This new translation of the Chinese classic and foundation text of Daoism integrates the manuscript discoveries of the last 30 years, introducing a fundamentally different view of the nature of the Dao.


Essential Chan Buddhism

Chan master Guo Jun’s profound and poetic teachings that reflect an ancient spiritual tradition, still largely unknown in the West.


Footprints In The Snow

Chan Master Sheng Yen’s deeply personal and vivid autobiography, which reveals new facts about his life and especially his younger years growing up in Mainland China.


The Wild Within

The wilderness adventures and spiritual teaching of master tracker Paul Rezendes that challenges the way we see nature—and ourselves.


Bones of the Master

In 1996, American poet George Crane accompanied Tsung Tsai, a Ch’an monk, on a dangerous and quixotic journey back to Inner Mongolia, his native land, to help Tsung Tsai dig up the bones of his master and cremate them with proper Buddhist ceremony in a cave high in the Ulishan Mountains.


The Zen of Creativity

Zen master John Daido Loori’s illustrated exploration on the sources of human creativity, as well as his critique of and homage to the Zen arts.


The Parrot Who Owns Me

The moving story of internationally renowned ornithologist Joanna Burger’s complex relationship with her pet parrot, Tiko, which is also the story of the science of birds, and of parrots in particular.


Chan Heart, Chan Mind

A young, dynamic, Western-educated teacher offers an intimate, lyrical portrayal of life lived in the rich tradition of Chan, from his apprenticeship with a master Zen calligrapher to the lessons learned from building and running a major practice center.