Bringing Asia's great cultural resources to the West...

Asia Arts and Culture specializes in bringing Asia's great cultural resources to the West. This is accomplished through a variety of means, with an emphasis on the development of books from Asia for targeting the English reader. Our clients are prominent masters in the fields of Wisdom Traditions, Arts, Business and Academia, and a wide variety of endeavors. We manage the translation of these books into multiple languages for worldwide distribution. This includes the Chinese market.

A good book can be leveraged into a multitude of spin-off projects and ventures: films, videos, web-based media, events, exhibitions, speaking engagements, and licensing. This strategy ensures a name and presence for our clients here in the US and abroad and creates additional revenues. Our partners understand that the English language book is a prestigious and powerful platform.

We also develop strategic partnerships here in the US for individuals, groups, businesses, institutions, and foundations. We make introductions from our wide network of contacts that foster relationships between East and West.